A showcase for national contemporary art in Valparaiso. Our aim is to exhibit, promote and market works by new national artists. 
Our collection has pictorial works of small, medium and large format. Artists such as José Benmayor, Paula Manzor, Carlos Vidal Carvacho, Matías Santamaría, José Fernandez Alvaro, Daniel Marceli, Dalia Karü, among other important exponents.

Attention in continuous schedule 
from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM. 

For appointments at special times, please contact the store directly. 
We are steps away from the Fine Arts Museum, Baburizza Palace and the Yugoslavian sidewalk of Valparaiso. Access via the El Peral Elevator or Miramar de Cerro Alegre Street.

Espacio Rojo Gallery is the 5th art project of the creator, Cristián Vega Rojo, curator and visual artist, who continues to work in the contemporary pictorial line. 
This space is inserted in a patrimonial house from 1887, to steps of the museum of fine arts Baburizza, next to the Astoreca palace and elevator

*El Peral (*Funicular) , in one of the 5 zones of  herritage in Valparaíso.

Among the resident artists wich are important exponents of the current artistic scene in Chile, within the collection, we represent, artists like José Benmayor, Matías Santa María, José Fernández Covich, Caterina Oxley, Carlos Vidal, to name a few. 
Espacio Rojo is now a reference of the contemporary creative scene in Chile and to be a window that promotes the best national art.