Daniel Marceli Millán

Using vibrant colors, this artist portrays typical and unmistakable elements of the island where he was born, Chiloé island, which can range from wooden houses to mythological characters who cling to the trees and animals that inhabit the area. The murals that Daniel Marceli paints in Valparaíso, Santiago and Chiloé seek to be a reflection of what it is like to live in the Chiloé archipelago and, in turn, of how life is changing in this part of southern Chile, as a result of economic, social and cultural influences. This last link is an axis that guides his designs and that aim, mainly, to denounce and criticize how natural resources are being exploited in the archipelago, especially those caused by the aquaculture industry. In fact, in one of his most recent murals;The Return of the Sea,"; which he did on a 600-meter-long wall on Paseo 21 de Mayo in Valparaíso, it is possible to interpret that those who must return to their place of origin are the fish and that it is the sea that must be left alone. Daniel Marceli currently belongs in a core of street artists where he has developed collaborative works with important names from the national graffiti scene, such as Inti Castro, Cekis, La robot de madera, among other artists.