Bernardo Martinez

Born in Los Angeles, Chile, 1981. Graduate in Plastic Arts with a mention in engraving. Professor of Visual Arts system of the International Baccalaureate. About his work, “There are elements of the landscape that call my attention from the technical point of view.

It is those elements that we fear as a beginner painter, but that later, with the experience,  they benefit the work. This is how smoke, water, and other non-solid components propose a spatiality and dynamics in the work, which accentuate certain expressive eagerness of the final result”.
Within his characteristics as an artist, it is perceived the combination between engraving and painting. Lately he is developing works of woodcut and oil, where he makes the relationship of water with the erratic gait of contemporary man with reference to “El Salvarse (save yourself)"; since this implies a concept of survival rather than tranquillity, as the feeling of not touching the bottom when submerged in water.
Otherwise, for Bernardo the development of an intentional proposal and the evolution of the work in thematic series is relevant, it is in this process where he projects himself in diverse techniques that allow him to materialize his discourse as an artist.